Liedon Pallo is a football club that has about 780 players. Below you can find general information about Liedon Pallo and also Lieto commune.


Liedon Pallo was founded in 1978. It has over 500 players ranging form about 6 year old boys and girls to men and womens teams. The Club has men playing in Western Finland's 4th and 6th division and in addition teams playing in mens old-timers series for over 35 years old. The womens team plays in Finland's 2nd division.

Liedon Pallo also has an active youth football organisation. We have a junior teams playing in most age categories for both boys and girls. Youth teams range from 2010 born up to A-juniors,

The backbone of our activities is the local children's league. The league is played by kids of ages from about 6 years old up to 10 years old. In the children's league points are not counted and everybody gets to play. The league is divided into localized subdivisions in side of Lieto (,Loukinainen, Ilmarinen, Kirkonkulma, Pahkamäki and Yliskulma). There are over 400 children playing in their own age groups. They are coached by many instructors and parents. Liedon Pallo trains instructors for the childrens and juniors teams in cooperation with Suomen Palloliitto.

Our Vision is to develop and improve the best possible chance for all the children in Lieto to take part and play football. Offer experiences of success to the players. Give chance to compete in football. All our youth sports activities follow the principle "everybody gets to play"

To contact us please send an email to toimisto(at)


Lieto is situated 12 km east from Turku. Population of Lieto is about 20.000.